Non Profit Web Design

Many non profit businesses are finding that having an online presence is vital for the overall success that they have. To have the best online presence, a non profit web design is going to prove to be essential in this process. In addition to research and targeted content, you are going to find to find that there are some other essential pieces of information that will need to go into the website you are building.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this entire process will be having a domain name that is effective. This will of course mean that you need to have a domain name that either contains the name of your organization, or if you prefer, you might want to use specific keywords that will be relevant to your non profit organization. When possible, you might even want to add your state or city in the web address to add a level of credibility to your organization. Just keep in mind that you are going to have several different options here and you want to ensure it remains effective for you.

The non profit web design should also lead to a level of credibility as well. That means you need to have a mission statement that provides the exact nature of what you do, be it for helping to combat hunger, or to support your church. Along with this, you are going to want to have contact information so that anyone who is researching your organization can verify that you are an actual location and they will be able to ask any questions that might be on their mind before they donate.

Along with this, you will want to ensure that the chance to donate is easy on this system as well. There should be a donation button that will allow individuals to make a credit card payment to you without too much concern. This should be a single button that can be noticed, but isn't the main focus of your website. That will give you the chance to ensure that you get the donations you need and provide it in a professional manner.

During this time, you are also going to want to provide people with a chance to look at some of the things your organization does. This helps to add a new level of depth to the credibility that you have. Take photos of your different events and people that you help. This gives people a sense of connection and will increase the chances that they will end up making a donation to your organization. Keep in mind that there are going to be some cases where you cannot have actual pictures of the people you help. Instead, have photos of your location and fundraising events that you have done that show the images of several of the same people in the different pictures.

Non profit web design doesn't need to be complicated. By following these basics, you are going to ensure that you have an effective website that gets noticed and will prove to meet the needs of your organization.

Merchant Accounts For Non-Profit Business

Not for profit businesses are often able to receive discounted pricing for many business services because of their legal structure. However, most merchant service providers don't give non-profit merchant accounts special consideration. The news isn't all bad, though. If you're a non-profit business looking for credit card processing, you can get low rates and fees by finding a niche provider or by using your company's legal structure as bargaining power.

There are literally thousands of different service providers that write merchant accounts through a handful of large third-party processors and acquiring banks. Providers apply a mark-up to the rates and fees charged by the processor through which they write merchant accounts. Each individual provider has a certain amount of control over their mark-up and the rates and fees that they ultimately offer merchants.

In an attempt to curb the heavy competition that exists in the merchant processing industry, many providers will target a specific niche. Processors don't offer discounted rates on merchant accounts for non-profit businesses, but there are providers whose niche targets not for profit companies. These providers attempt to offer comparatively lower rates and fees to companies that can produce documentation proving non-profit status.

Of course, the competition in the merchant processing industry makes it possible to get low rates and fees from almost any provider regardless of your company's legal structure. The key is to compare merchant accounts and put effort into working with providers to bring rates and fees down.

A great way to find the best merchant account is to use an online quoting service like to get merchant account quotes from multiple providers. This service in particular lets you indicate that your company is not for profit so providers know this when they're offering you service quotes.

Regardless of how you obtain merchant account quotes, you will save yourself a lot of time by being forward with the providers that you contact. Let them know right away that your company is a non-profit and tell them what you're looking for in a merchant account. Providers can't read you mind, but they'll do what they can to earn your business if they're told how to do so.

You're going to find that many providers don't offer predefined special pricing for non-profits, but they'll most likely be willing to work with you to create a merchant account that fits your needs.

Whether your business is non-profit or not, it's important to know that the best merchant account can't be found on the Internet or by calling a few numbers in the phone book. The ideal merchant account for your business doesn't exist until you spend the time to work with a provider to create it. Don't disqualify a provider that initially says that they don't offer special pricing for non-profit businesses.

Tips on Using Fire Pits For Your Non Profit Business

Depending on the type of nonprofit business that you are operating, incorporating fire pits into your meetings and retreats can be a very useful way to get your team to think outside of the box. Fire pits are very effective at creating a different type of atmosphere that encourages team members to come up with innovative solutions to complex problems. Whether you are working together to help your local community or you are trying to find answers to larger social and ecological problems, here are a few ways to use fire pits to keep everyone on track and focused on reaching the goals of your organization.

One of the best methods of using pits in an non profit workplace is to have a dedicated space for your fire pit where you and your team members can go when it is time to brainstorm or put together an effective strategy for a particularly difficult task. Anytime that you are starting on a new project or feel like you are starting to get mired in logistical details, simply light up the fire and encourage everyone to come over and try to find the most innovative and efficient solutions for the problem. Remember, there are no bad ideas when it comes to brainstorming, so encourage your team members to share whatever thoughts come into their mind.

Over time, your fire pit can become a powerful reminder to everyone in your organization that your workplace is a place that they should feel free to think outside the box and tackle difficult problems the best way that they can think of. Most people who choose to work for a non profit organization are interested in contributing to loftier goals than their own careers and bank accounts, and a pit can be a great symbol that your organization is about something larger than generating profits.

Fire pits are also a great item to have when you are hosting social functions for the employees of your non profit business. These devices are particularly useful if you happen to be working toward protecting the environment from unregulated development and other ecological threats. A gentle fire burning in fire pit can remind your guests of the natural world that you are working together to protect in a much more subtle manner than a lengthy speech. Gathering around a fire pit to enjoy some good food and conversation is a terrific way for you and your team to spend some time bonding with one another.