Don't Compel Me To Give To Your Liberal Socialist Causes - How Would You Like the Opposite?

Now then, I completely understand why some folks are driven to help the common good and fix things in the world they view as unfair, unjust, or just not right. In fact, I have a list of my own causes that I give to and donate my time to, and in doing so, well, I get it and understand why liberal socialist thinkers want to raise my taxes and have the government sponsor their charities or causes. However, this way of doing things is also unjust, and I'd like to discuss this for a moment.

You see, I know that our government is less-than-efficient, and before you condemn me for criticizing my government, let me tell you that I am a free-market entrepreneur, and I "know" efficiency. If our government wastes 45% collecting my taxes, leaving 55% remaining, and then wastes 50% of the remainder in administration and thus, the grand total of my tax dollar going for the cause is 27.5% and thus, wouldn't it be much better if people donated to the causes they totally believed in directly, and if they don't believe in it, they won't.

Consider if you will that I am quite concerned with the 35% fraud in food-stamps in the US, so after the 27.5% of my tax dollar actually reaches its destination, 35% is stolen meaning about a third is again wasted around 9%, meaning we are down to 17-18% and that my friends is "inefficient" without a doubt. Therefore, I do not agree to have my tax dollar spent in such an inefficient manner, if that bothers anyone tough.

The way to feed folks who really need help is to do it locally in the community, and to help people help themselves, get back on their feet, and sustain themselves, therefore, one day become part of the solution helping others do the same. Forcing people to help others or forcing them to give to causes they do not feel comfortable in giving to, is wrong - not only that, it causes the opposite effect, indeed it has caused me to point this fact out to you and write this article online, along with 100s of others, seriously.

Think about how we are causing a rift in our society here. I ask you to think about this, and how you might like it if I demanded that you pay for my very conservative causes, ones you may actually despise - do you see my point here? Please consider all this.